The Biden Administration Aims to Resume COVID Vaccine Mandate for Federal Employees

Biden Administration Aims to Resume COVID Vaccine Mandate for Federal Employees

Despite full knowledge COVID vaccines do not work, the U.S. Justice Department on Monday asked a federal appeals court to clear a procedural hurdle preventing the Biden Administration from enforcing its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees after its legal victory last week.   

The Biden Administration argued the order should be issued immediately to allow the government to resume the mandate, arguing it is “justified by the serious ongoing harm to the public interest and to the government.”

The request to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, if granted, would effectively reinstate the mandate after it was put on hold in January by a federal judge in Texas.

The Appellate Court on April 7, ordered the case dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and reinstated Biden’s executive order mandating all federal civilian employees be vaccinated against COVID. However, the court also told federal agencies they “must continue to take no action to implement or enforce the COVID-19 vaccination requirement” pending further procedural steps by the court.

The administration’s request Monday would push forward the timeline for the panel’s judgment to take effect, which is currently set to occur on May 31. 

Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal workers was slammed with lawsuits after its implementation last fall. The policy, which allows for religious and medical exemptions, requires federal employees to get vaccinated or face discipline, including termination. 

A challenge brought in December by Feds for Medical Freedom, a 6,000-member organization, led to the policy being temporarily blocked. In a 2-1 reversal, the appellate court held Feds for Medical Freedom should have pursued internal avenues for relief prior to filing its suit.

Biden in September said he would require about 3.5 million government workers to get vaccinated by Nov. 22. The administration’s vaccination policies have faced numerous legal challenges.

Why is the Biden Administration still trying to enforce its vaccine mandate?

The push to have all federal employees, including civilian employees, vaccinated clearly has nothing to with science or public health. Its scientifically proven natural immunity confers better protection against COVID, but there is no exemption for natural immunity.

We know any “protection” provided by vaccines against severe COVID is offset by the corruption involved in the studies done by the manufacturers making such claims. We know younger people aren’t even at risk for severe COVID, yet there’s no exemption for this scientific fact either.

We know a fourth booster was authorized by the CDC and FDA because the first three doses didn’t work. We know COVID vaccines carry a risk of very serious adverse events including heart problems, blood clots and death, yet pharmaceutical manufacturers are exempt from liability for the harms caused by their products.

We know our tax dollars paid for the research and development of COVID vaccines, funded the doses purchased by the government and paid for the government’s legal fees in attempting to force an experimental product, paid for by Americans, on Americans.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and Moderna are making billions off of COVID vaccines and the mandates imposed by the Biden administration.

We must continue to challenge COVID vaccine mandates. Our lives and livelihoods depend on it.