Fauci Co-Authors Paper Admitting COVID Vaccines Do Not Work, and Likely Knew From the Outset They Wouldn’t

Dr. Anthony Fauci is now acknowledging COVID-19 vaccines, like influenza vaccines, hardly work and wouldn’t be approved based on the standards used for other vaccines.

Fauci co-authored a paper published on Jan. 11 in Cell, claiming vaccines are ineffective at controlling respiratory RNA viruses like influenza, RSV and SARS-CoV-2—and experimental and licensed COVID-19 vaccines do not elicit complete and durable protective immunity.

“After more than 60 years of experience with influenza vaccines, very little improvement in vaccine prevention of infection has been noted,” the authors wrote. “As pointed out decades ago, and still true today, the rates of effectiveness of our best-approved influenza vaccines would be inadequate for licensure for most other vaccine-preventable diseases.”

The authors then compare ineffective influenza vaccines to COVID-19 vaccines, stating it is not surprising that none of the predominantly mucosal respiratory viruses have ever been effectively controlled by vaccines:

“Even decades-long efforts to develop better, so-called ‘universal’ influenza vaccines—vaccines that would create more broadly protective immunity, preferably lasting over longer time periods have not yet resulted in next-generation, broadly protective vaccines, although a large number of experimental vaccines are in preclinical or early clinical development.”

Dr. Fauci stepped down from his position as chief medical advisor to President Biden and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases days before the study was published.

Throughout the pandemic, Fauci falsely claimed COVID-19 vaccines prevented transmission of the virus, that vaccinated people could feel safe they weren’t going to get infected, that vaccines provided long-lasting immunity, and said if a vaccinated person were to get sick, they would likely be asymptomatic. Fauci also covered up the high probability the SARS-COV-2 virus that caused COVID escaped from a lab in Wuhan that received U.S. funding.

Now, after experimental COVID vaccines were forced on millions of Americans, were added to the pediatric immunization schedule, caused millions of reported adverse events, including deaths, and pharmaceutical companies made their billions, Fauci says vaccines are ineffective.

In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisors on Jan. 26 recommended all COVID vaccine doses be replaced with experimental bivalent booster shots to mimic the influenza vaccine schedule Fauci acknowledges in this paper does not work.

“What this is is a justification for more funding for more development of new vaccine technology,” Dr. Robert Malone said in an interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room. The irony is what they’re pushing is mucosal vaccines […]. What they’re basically saying here is they’re pitching Congress and the world for another traunch of money to develop a next-generation technology for mucosal vaccinations[…].”

“Fauci is acknowledging the failures of the existing technologies and the intrinsic logic failures associated with that,” Malone added.

Malone said this is “absolutely a defensive move,” referencing Fauci’s upcoming testimony he will have to provide to Congress. Never underestimate Tony Fauci, his political acumen and his ability to evade accountability, Malone said. “He is an extremely adroit politician bureaucrat, and he is absolutely aware. “

The paper’s final paragraph is shocking:

“Past unsuccessful attempts to elicit solid protection against mucosal respiratory viruses and to control the deadly outbreaks and pandemics they cause have been a scientific and public health failure that must be urgently addressed.

“We are excited and invigorated that many investigators and collaborative groups are rethinking, from the ground up, all of our past assumptions and approaches to preventing important respiratory viral diseases and working to find bold new paths forward.”

According to journalist Alex Berenson, Fauci is gearing up to push a new type of vaccine on the world after the U.S. and other countries injected their citizens with more than 3 billion doses of mRNA.

“[…] With these words, Fauci is admitting that effort has failed completely,” Berenson said. “He’s not excluding the mRNAs from ‘past unsuccessful attempts’ that ‘have been a public health failure.’ He’s not saying they can form the basis for ‘bold new paths.’ He’s washing his hands of them—and whatever the long-term consequences of their failed effort to rewire the immune system may be.”

As Berenson points out, Fauci is 82 years-old. So, it will be “up to the rest of us to deal with what he’s done.”