California Bill Punishes Doctors Who Question COVID Vaccines, Prohibits Informed Consent

A bill in California went into effect on Monday that prevents physicians from informing patients about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines. Physicians who stray from the adopted narrative promoted by U.S. regulatory agencies and major media outlets risk losing their medical licenses.

The legislation makes California the first state to legislate a “remedy” to a supposed problem the American Medical Association — bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies and the elites — and other medical groups (bought and paid by the same) say has resulted in thousands of unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths.

AB-2098, the “physician misinformation bill,” classifies spreading false or misleading medical information to patients as “unprofessional conduct,” subject to punishment by the Medical Board of California.

The bill defines misinformation as “false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.” Who determines scientific consensus? Major media outlets and the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),” arguably the biggest peddlers of misinformation during the pandemic.

The CDC has advocated unscientific initiatives like lockdowns, school closures, face diapers, mRNA COVID vaccines, and untested teenage mutant ninja boosters. CDC director Rochelle Walensky was one of many U.S. health officials who falsely claimed COVID vaccines would prevent COVID and transmission of the virus. The agency has turned a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of reported vaccine injuries and seems to be in an intentional place of cognitive dissonance. This is the same agency that signed off on bivalent boosters for infants without so much as a single human study.

Legislation should never be based on reports by “major media outlets” — which, we now know, are heavily influenced by the World Economic Forum, Trusted News Initiative, FBI, CIA, and pharmaceutical companies who enjoy blanket liability protection for the infinite number of people they’ve harmed with their bad COVID treatments and shots.

The bill also states:

“The Federation of State Medical Boards has released a statement warning that physicians who engage in the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation risk losing their medical license and that physicians have a duty to provide their patients with accurate, science-based information.”

This legislation creates an awkward paradox. Physicians have a duty to provide their patients with accurate and science-based information, yet, they can only share one viewpoint predetermined by Democratic lawmakers funded by pharmaceutical companies. Who decides when the science is “settled,” and isn’t it misinformation to even think it is?

Essentially, this bill destroys the physician’s ability to practice medicine and the patient’s ability to be truly informed of the risks of a treatment or procedure. As a patient in California, you have no way of discerning whether a physician is giving you their honest educated opinion or spoon-fed propaganda they’ve been ordered to peddle.

While the legislation raises grave concerns over freedom of speech, the bill’s sponsors said the extensive harm caused by false information requires holding incompetent or ill-intentioned doctors accountable. (Imagine being deemed incompetent for questioning the once-accepted view that the world is flat.)

The bill’s sponsors include Democrats Evan Low, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Akilah Weber, Richard Pan, Buffy Wicks, and Scott Wiener.

“In order for a patient to give informed consent, they have to be well informed,” said Sen. Pan. Apparently, giving a patient informed consent in California now means giving patients one-sided information designed to generate more sales for the pharmaceutical companies that sponsored the individuals who put forward the bill.

Imagine what the outcome would have been if this type of draconian legislation was implemented when Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis said physicians should wash their hands before delivering babies, when people questioned the heavily promoted health benefits of smoking cigarettes, when thalidomide was questioned over birth defects, and wise scientists said we should stop blood-letting people with leeches, spraying people with toxic DDT, routinely removing tonsils, and performing lobotomies to “treat” mental illnesses.

The only thing bills like this do is restrict free speech, punish scientific thought and innovation, harm people, and provide California residents with one more reason to flee the state.