UK Hides World’s Most Comprehensive Data on COVID After It Shows Vaccines Don’t Work

UK Hides World's Most Comprehensive Data on COVID After It Shows Vaccines Don't Work

The UK government’s COVID-19 tracking dashboard — one of the world’s most comprehensive data sources on COVID infections, mortality, hospitalizations and vaccinations — is ending as part of a supposed plan to “live with COVID.”

Several of the UK’s data-collection programs are also ending, including REACT-1 and ZOE. REACT-1 is the largest population surveillance study being undertaken in England examining the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in the general population to better understand the virus’s transmission and risks.

ZOE, is a mobile app residents use to log their COVID symptoms. Both programs have been invaluable to research and informing government policy.

One can only assume the UK government has decided it no longer needs to track COVID data because it’s showing COVID vaccines do not work.

According to Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter and author of Pandemia, the British government offered the “best source of raw data on the efficacy of the COVID vaccines,” publishing the reported number of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccine status each week.

The British government was the “best source of data showing how well COVID vaccines were working,” Berenson said. “We were getting data from a large country with a high vaccination rate and because the country utilizes natural health insurance, it could be determined with near certainty who had been vaccinated.”

Since Omicron became the dominant variant, the UK’s data showed vaccine effectiveness was bleak at best. A report from the end of March showed nearly 90% of adults hospitalized for COVID were vaccinated and over 90% of COVID deaths occurred in the vaccinated.

The government is no longer providing these charts or the data they contain, Berenson said. Their excuse is that they’re no longer offering free universal testing and that somehow affects their ability to monitor COVID cases by vaccination status.

Berenson said:

“Even if the end of free testing somehow affected its ability to provide “robust” data about infections, it would make no difference to the hospitalization or death figures, which are far more important. Unless COVID patients are going to be hospitalized anonymously, the Health Security Agency will still be able to match their names (and the names on death certificates) against vaccination records.

“In fact the British government would be derelict not to continue to collect the data, and it surely will. But the public will no longer see it.”

Berenson said the real reason the UK decided to hide its COVID data is that the charts reveal how poorly COVID vaccines work and it has become a “national embarrassment.”

The British government is not the only one who has hidden COVID data from the public that would make vaccines look ineffective. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not provided tabulated data showing COVID hospitalizations and mortality by age or vaccination status. It has also withheld vast swaths of the information collected on COVID and vaccines, including data on booster effectiveness for 33 million Americans aged 18-49 over fears it might show COVID vaccines didn’t work.